Learn when is forwarding previous report necessary and when it is optional

Inventory Booking

In case of an inventory order or start of tenancy report you  do not need to forward us any previous records from the property.

Check Out Booking

When you arranging for a Check Out Inspection we do need you to forward us the Report from the start of tenancy - which has now ended. 

Only if we have record from the start of the tenancy we can make the check Out comparisons. 

We need the original report at latest 48 hours prior to the booking. This report needs to be entered into our system to get ready for the inspection.

If Pixel Inventory compiled your start of tenancy report, you do not need to forward us the document and can book at shorter notice, subject to availability.

You had done the Check Out and now you need an Inventory done

We will often continue from the Report you have forwarded to us when booked for a Check Out however when the format or structure of that report is very different from our standards we might compile a fresh inventory from scratch.