Why you might benefit from providing tenants details at the time of the booking?

When you complete your booking , you will be invited to fill a form requesting tenants details.

If you choose to add the relevant details, every contact provided will have created a signature box in the report with their name.

Once report is completed all contacts will receive the report at the same time.

Tenants will than a signing reminder – 3 days after the receipt of the report.

What further guidance does the Tenant receive?

Adding Comments 

  • Tenant will be advised how to add comment and upload a photograph into the report.

Signatures Not Filled

  • Tenant will be advised that if no comments are added to the report within 5 days from the receipt of the report , the report is considered accepted as accurate record of the state of the property at the start of their tenancy.

Online Check In

  • Tenants will receive an email guide with rental responsibilities such as preventing condensation etc.