Please see standard contents of an inventory in bullet points below.

  • Schedule of Condition
  • Statement of Cleanliness
  • Meter readings, Smoke & CO2 detectors
  • Keys noted & photographed
  • Appliances Serial Numbers photographed 
  • Kitchen appliances tested for power
  • Fire labels noted where seen
  • Blind cord safety brackets noted
  • Comprehensive item descriptions
  • Detailed item conditions
  • Property certificates

Schedule of Condition 

Provides an overall overview on the property state

Statement of Cleanliness

Provides cleanliness overview and further specification on itemised basis. 

For example Cleaned to a professional standard. Kitchen - clean, kitchen appliances- clean, bathrooms- clean, furnishings - clean etc. 

Further detailed omissions are noted at the particular item condition statement.

Meter readings, Smoke & CO2 Detectors

Meter Readings will be taken if  meters accessible, within reach and clearly labelled.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors will be noted and tested for power where accessible.

Keys noted & photographed

Keys will be listed and photographed in the report. This will includes window and balcony/garden keys, which might be placed in locks.

Appliances Serial Numbers photographed

Main appliances / kitchen white goods will be checked for manufacturers label and photographed if label is easily accessible.

Kitchen Appliances tested for Power

Main appliances / kitchen white goods will be checked for power if fuses are accessible and easily found.

Fire Labels noted where seen

Mattresses, sofas, armchairs and other big upholstery will have fire labels noted where seen

Blind Cord Safety Brackets noted

Blind cord safety brackets will be noted where seen, installed 

Comprehensive Item Descriptions

Items will be described with their main specifications and distinctive additional details

Detailed Item Conditions

Conditions will include specification of aesthetic defects such as scratches, marks, chips, stains etc.

Property Certificates

Property paperwork will be generically noted and photographed if seen at the property